Monday, February 22, 2016

Why I am Leaving Wedding Photography Behind.

     I could make a career out of becoming a Wedding Photographer.  I receive several messages and phone calls throughout the year, wanting to book me for their wedding.  I am so very flattered.  Sadly, many people I have to turn away.  I told myself a few years ago, I was only going to photograph six a year.  I have been very successful with my six weddings a year. I choose to only do six a year, because I wanted to make sure I was able to deliver a finished wedding album within a certain time frame, and not get too behind in my editing.  I also am very busy photographing Family and Children sessions and I wanted to make sure I had weekends where I could fit them in as well.  A few weeks ago, I decided this year (2016)  was going to be my last year to photograph weddings.  Since I made that announcement, I have had several people ask me why I am not doing weddings anymore. Many people thought something bad happened or there was an incident.  I want to assure everyone that nothing happened.  It was just a simple decision on my part.
     I am a self taught photographer, and throughout the years, I have been so eager to photograph everything.  I started out as an "Event Photographer"  I first shadowed another photographer and I photographed several weddings with him.  I have photographed some fashion shows, and music after parties.  When I moved back to Port Allegany, I wanted to start photographing more portrait style sessions and I completely fell in love.  Portraits are my passion!  I decided to declare a specialty.  I am specializing in Children and Families.  This is more of a general specialty.  Children and Families have a broad category.  That includes children from newborn to 18.  Families include maternity and couples...since families are every changing and different, I will photograph any sort family, same sex, to "traditional" to extended.
 I am constantly studying photography and learning my craft and trying to improve along with studying Business and owning a business and all the work that goes into that.  I no longer want to be a "jack of all trades".  I want to concentrate on my portraits and the art and work that goes into creating those images.  I LOVE WEDDINGS, I love working with the brides and grooms and sharing their day with them, but in order to expand my business, and my talent and art, I am fine tuning my skills and concentrating on sessions with family and children.  2016 is my last year for weddings.  I am honestly excited to work with my future brides and grooms and saddened that I have had to turn people away.  I just feel that it is the step in the right direction for me.  I just wanted to make sure that no one thought something happened to make me not want to do weddings anymore.  That is not true. I have had so many awesome memories and days photographing weddings.  I will always cherish the weddings I have done and I hope all my past wedding parties, have enjoyed my photographs.  I would love for you all to share this post, to help create some awareness to this.  I know many people in our area, have wondered why I made the choice to stop doing weddings. There is no malice behind my decision at all.  I want to make awareness to that. I would love to have you help me spread the word.  Thanks so much!


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