Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Write What You Know.

     Welcome to my first blog!  This may also be my last blog.  I have no idea if I can keep up with "blogging"  with my schedule.  I am a mother of three wonderful children.  My son will be six this coming Friday.  My oldest daughter will be three in December, and my youngest little girl is three months old.  If that does not keep me busy enough, I am trying to run my own photography business by "nap-time" and during the evenings and on weekends.  It keeps me on my toes that is for sure.  Some days it all goes smoothly and other days, (like today) it can be an "epic fail".  I had a huge list of things I wanted to accomplish today when it came to the business and NONE of it got done.  It is frustrating, but what can you do?  I am home with my children and they come first. My baby girl today just wanted her mother, so I dedicated my time to her.  I have to.
     On days like today, I sigh and feel frustrated.  I want to do it all and today, it just did not pan out.  I am not letting it get to me.  It will get easier as the kids get older.  I am a person who wants it all.  I want to be home and be there for my family and also have a great photography career and gain exposure, clientele and of course make loads of money.  I will get there, I have the drive and the motivation.  I just continue to push myself so I can have it all. I want it all.  I want my kids to see me working hard so they will too and appreciate what they have.
     There are so many things in life I want to accomplish.  My number one accomplishment is being a mom.  I know, I know, that is so "cliche".  I get it.  It is true though. I want to make my children's life magical while they believe in magic.  I hope they will always believe there is magic out there.  I want them to dream and go out and obtain those dreams.  I want to take them on trips and teach them about the world and then go send them out into the world and have them explore the world around them by themselves.  I want them to grow up well rounded and be happy and healthy and make good choices.  I think we all want that for our children. I am no different.
      I want to open my own studio someday.  I would like "someday"  to be now, but I might have to wait a few more years.  If I keep working hard maybe that will happen.  I hope it does.  There is a red and black building in my town on Main Street that I would love to make into my studio.  I picture it repainted on the outside and envision my photos in the store front with a large sign that reads "Studio V. Photography". That would be amazing.  I dream of owning that building someday and turning the upstairs into a real awesome rental space and have that space pay the mortgage.  OH DREAMS ARE FABULOUS!
    On top of trying to run the house and the business, I am also trying to lose weight (like every other woman in this world).  I go to Zumba twice a week and jog when I like I said, was an epic fail.  No Zumba tonight.  My youngest, again, just screamed when her dad took her.  She just wants me today. So no photo business work today and no working out for me.  So I ate three cupcakes instead.  Man, I need to get my act together!  Three kids and several pant sizes later, I am where I am today, a size 12.  I can't believe I just wrote that down!  That is part of the new me!  WHO CARES!  I was a size 6 seven years ago and now I am 3 kids further into the game and wearing pants with 12 on label.  Oh well.  It has taken me this long to "deal"  with it.  I am working on it when I can, eat right when I have the willpower, but come on, something has to give, I personally just love chocolate too much.  It is something I will continue to work on, but I will not feel bad about my size anymore.  My goal is to be a size 8 and if I get there I will celebrate and if I never get there again, well, it could be worse.
   Well, there you have it.  My fist blog. I hoped you enjoyed it and if you didn't,your loss. HA   I am just writing what I know and all I know is I NEED A BUBBLE BATH!  WHAT A DAY!

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