Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What to Wear?

     When I book sessions, my clients ask me, "What should I wear?".  When I first started out in photography, I would simply tell the client, "Whatever you want to be photographed in".  I learned by experience, that is the WRONG answer.  I have learned that busy patterns and bright colors, take away from the images I capture.  When I photograph a family, I want the focus to be on the faces and them as a unit.  Bright and bold colors and patterns become very distracting.  I photograph many families outdoors.  The sun, bright or not, reflects colors.  Bright colors like neon green, pink, reds and yellows, reflect brightly onto the face and it takes a very long time to remove those colors successfully from the skin.  Softer colors and neutrals are perfect for family sessions. The focus then falls onto the people, their faces and not what they are wearing.  The photographs that I have attached to this post are  PERFECT examples of WHAT TO WEAR. Their outfits are simple, and coordinated.  It shows that they are one unit.  They belong together as a unit.  They are, family.
     I LOVE families that match.  Now,you do not have to be wearing the same exact ensembles, but coordinated outfits I think are beautiful.  When I photograph a family, I want you to LOVE your images and this is a simple way to portray a certain feeling.  Some families are causal.  They prefer jeans and tee shirts. I think that is fine.  I want to represent who you are in life, but I would recommend that you all follow certain rules with colors.  My personal favorites are the families that do dress up for the occasion.  I feel family portraits are a treat.  You are representing a special moment in your lives. When you come together and hire a professional to photograph you, you are celebrating your family and it makes me happy when I see clients come to the session dressed for the occasion.  You are a family and there is no better way to show pride for your family and who you are by dressing up and enjoying each other as I photograph you. When I book family sessions, I will be mailing out information packets that will help you with ideas on what to wear and what to stay away from.  This way, when the days comes and your session day has arrived, you will be stress free and ready to capture those special moments.

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